9 Best Digital Marketing Strategy For Nonprofit Organizations

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In this article, we are discussing digital marketing strategy for nonprofit organizations.

Digital Marketing Strategy For Nonprofit Organizations

In brief,

9 best digital marketing strategies for nonprofit organizations : 

  • Backlinks & Influencers
  • SEM and SEO strategies
  • Video Campaign Optimization
  • Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Retargeting
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

It takes a lot for a non-profit organization to be successful.

To keep your nonprofit afloat, we offer donor engagement, fundraising, and team collaboration.

If your nonprofit is like the majority, you almost always work with less.

You have small teams, tight budgets, and tight deadlines.

For most people, developing a marketing strategy seems like an undertaking that is not worthwhile.

However, if you want to win supporters, you should focus on increasing your online visibility.

The most significant change is driven by digital marketing for nonprofits.

An organization’s ability to attract donors, raise funds, recruit volunteers, and meet its obligations can all be accomplished through marketing.

Additionally, since nonprofits prioritize doing more with less, increasing awareness will improve the efficiency of your business.

We will talk about the importance of online marketing for nonprofit brands in this article we’ll talk about strategies, benefits, and best practices.

So, let’s get started

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What is Nonprofit Marketing? 

It is clear that the purpose of non-profit organizations is to bring change in society.

This can be through donations or messages that spread hope in a community.

Digital marketing strategies are those that attract relevant audiences to nonprofits.

They are the processes used to gather volunteers, build a powerful team, and manage fundraising campaigns.

For example, charities such as Children’s World focus on helping sick, hungry, abused, and educationally disabled children.

They have created a website with a mission statement that attracts visitors to convert.

They also have buttons that make it easy for users to take action.

They can easily raise awareness and gain support for most of their activities thanks to their marketing strategy.

Why is Digital Marketing Important for Nonprofits? 

Organizations like yours use a variety of online outreach strategies, called digital marketing, to spread the word about your cause to current and potential supporters.

Effective digital marketing for nonprofits will drive participation in your organization’s initiatives and increase brand recognition in the neighborhood.

Already, your donors are using the Internet to work, browse social media or conduct business.

Consequently, implement an efficient and thoughtful digital marketing strategy to reach them where they are.

As a result, your nonprofit can use a variety of online platforms as part of its digital marketing strategy, each of which may be attractive to different audience personas and segments.

In order to effectively engage your audience and deliver your message, it is important to plan your outreach strategy.

To make the most of each of these platforms and outreach messages, build a solid digital marketing strategy.

9 Digital Marketing Strategy For Nonprofit Organizations

Backlinks & Influencers

In the digital age, it goes without saying that your nonprofit organization needs a website.

To increase the online authority and reach of the foundation, your website needs backlinks.

Include social sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms on all of your pages. 

However, to get the best results, you must be proactive.

Establishing backlinks for your website depends on having a page that can benefit other websites or organizations.

When other websites link to their pages, your website gains more authority as a reliable source of information.

A website with more backlinks will receive more credit from Google as it is considered more relevant.

As a result, your website will rank higher in search engine result pages (SERPs) than a website without any high-quality backlinks.

SEM and SEO strategies

Gone are the times when only for-profit businesses focused on online marketing.

These days, non-profit organizations also use digital marketing tools to get their name out there.

Having well-ranked websites attracts the right people to their organizations.

Use paid or free advertising to improve the performance of your website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method of doing an unpaid search.

You must take care of your on-page, off-page, and technical SEO aspects for it to rank high on Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

As an alternative, consider using SEM (Search Engine Marketing) for paid advertising.

To rank higher without the extra work of SEO, use paid advertising.

The fact that you only pay for the ads on a click basis makes it even better.

However, use both SEM and SEO campaigns to increase the effectiveness of your Internet marketing efforts.

To ensure long-term success in your online marketing efforts, the two campaigns can complement each other.

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Video Campaign Optimization

Given that video dominates the digital sphere, a few effective video campaigns can be extremely beneficial.

Videos are great for direct marketing campaigns as well as being great as a vlog or a permanent post on your home page.

Using video in your emails can increase conversion rates on landing pages by up to 80% and double or triple click-through rates.

Even one word in the subject line, “Video,” increased email open rates by 19%.

Running for seven years, this Rainforest Alliance campaign continues to top the list of best charity campaigns because of its humor and straightforward message.

The most important thing to keep in mind when creating a video is to use strong imagery to evoke strong emotions in the viewer.

Considering that 60% of non-profit video viewers donate.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC)

PPC advertising helps drive traffic to your website and is often linked to top-level search engines.

Google Grants, which provides users with up to $10,000 per month in PPC advertising through its advertising service, is a PPC source for non-profit organizations.

Through these grants, your company can get recognition without spending any money.

When Google Grants has given its approval, you can freely promote your cause and efforts.

You can use this PPC technique as a tool for keyword research and quickly direct traffic to your website.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

You don’t need to use all social media platforms at once when choosing a channel for your marketing.

Platforms, where most of your target audience is present, can be your top two or three choices.

It would be best to start your marketing campaigns on Facebook and Twitter if your research shows that those are the platforms where most potential donors reside.

After that, you can expand your digital marketing to other platforms or combine it with email marketing to reach a wider audience.


Retargeting gives visitors a reason to return to your website and engage with your business more often than ever before.

For various non-profit donation pages, a portion of visitors donates while many others leave without completing the donation.

Using retargeting on your website increases the likelihood that bounced visitors will convert.

Some charities use Facebook Exchange, a demand-side platform that allows access to targeted advertising services for retargeting.

When someone is scrolling through Facebook, you can use Adroll to engage with them because they’ve already expressed interest in your company.

Their feed and ads will inform users about your nonprofit’s mission and goals.

Email Marketing

One low-cost strategy for enticing potential sponsors and donors is email marketing.

By creating a campaign tailored to that audience and using a call to action to keep them subscribing, you can segment your audience into distinct lists and increase donor retention.

Email campaigns are a great way to share a lot of information, reach a large number of interested parties quickly, and engage contacts.

Any email marketing campaign can greatly benefit from the use of MailChimp.

Nonprofit organizations can use the service at a 15% discount, and an additional 10% discount is also available if you authorize your account to be used as a security tool.

Content Marketing

There are various aspects of content marketing that you should keep in mind.

Firstly, it is the words you use; Stay away from jargon as it can make people doubt your intentions and reason.

The next question is about the organization of your content.

While writing content, you should always keep in mind the fonts, spacing, and paragraph styles.

The content is clearly organized into distinctly titled sections, making it easy to read and understand.

Additionally, some font types are more responsive to certain initiatives.

Decide on the most basic font typeface.

Make your content as scannable as possible.

Scannable content makes it easy for the audience to find specific information in the least amount of time.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Marketers can respond to end-user behavior and real-world changes with the help of AI-enhanced advertising campaigns.

They also reduce marketing spend and prevent message saturation.

According to a Salesforce survey, AI is already being used by 51% of marketing leaders, and another 27% plan to use it in the next two years.

Artificial intelligence can help you personalize the experience for website visitors, by matching offers to customers using conditional parameters.

AI can be combined with analytics, targeting strategies, and a predictive personalization engine to tailor your offers in ads to users’ experiences.

AI can therefore produce unique offerings based on individual behavioral preferences.

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Benefit Of Nonprofits Companies From Digital Marketing?

The topic of marketing for nonprofits is vast. 

Funding is not the only issue.

It involves the combination of information, media, platforms, and tools that most effectively affect change within an organization.

The benefits of Internet marketing for non-profit organizations are as follows.

Attracts investment

Nonprofits depend solely on well-wishers. 

Without donations and support it is only a matter of time before a non-profit office closes due to a lack of funding and volunteer support. 

The main goals of nonprofit organizations are to raise funds and help a charitable cause.

Additionally, marketing helps the business attract attention and more online and offline donors, thereby increasing its revenue.

Creates more awareness

Using digital marketing, your nonprofit can reach a global audience. 

It eliminates time and access restrictions while adding convenience and wide reach. 

People can learn about you and spread the word about what you do for nonprofit marketing easily.

Expands the donor base over time

Nonprofit marketing assists in building membership programs that guarantee the long-term viability of the organization. 

An organization’s marketing strategy can be used to develop a strategy that attracts new supporters and reminds existing supporters to donate to the cause.

New labor is brought in

Nonprofits will always need volunteers to help out. 

Take the Red Cross as an example of a company. 

They must always have teams on the ground for their disaster response projects.

Without the help of the volunteers, the successful completion of their mission would be affected. 

However, such a nonprofit may occasionally hire new staff members to thank for their marketing efforts. 

Additionally, new members can contribute to most of their fundraising initiatives, which will help with their financial needs.

Increases online visibility

In a crowded environment, you must know how to stand out from the crowd if you want to be noticed and heard. 

You can put your nonprofit ahead of your competitors by developing a strong online presence. 

Additionally, you are guaranteed that people using your targeted keywords will find your pages first.

Increases credibility

By telling compelling stories of your accomplishments, you can establish credibility. 

Or, you can launch an email marketing campaign to attract customers to your nonprofit’s website. 

With digital marketing, you can do a lot to gain the trust and loyalty of your supporters.

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In this article, we are discussing digital marketing strategy for nonprofit organizations.

For nonprofits to attract and retain support for their mission, digital marketing has become an important tool.

Your company can maximize the use of its online resources by developing a sound strategy based on solid research.

Implement your own digital marketing plan for your nonprofit using the advice in this guide.

Keep in mind that your strategy may not be the most important thing; Your implementation tools can be just as important.

Choose a platform that enables you to use various outreach strategies and targeted, personalized messaging.

DigicNet provides advanced nonprofit digital marketing tools and assistance in creating a strategy for organizations like yours.

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How to do digital marketing for NGOs?

Optimizing a video campaign
Marketing via email.
Artificial Intelligence (AI).

What is digital marketing for nonprofits?

Digital marketing is made up of a variety of online outreach techniques that businesses like yours use to spread the word about their cause to current and potential supporters. Effective digital marketing for nonprofits will increase participation in your organization’s initiatives and brand recognition in the community.

What are the 3 C’s of Non profit marketing?

The following are the three C’s of marketing: 

What are the marketing strategies for nonprofit marketing?

Create a concise brand message that puts donors first.
Create engaging online content to educate, inspire and attract new website visitors.
To increase your visibility in search, apply for a free Google advertising grant.
Use email marketing to nurture your current, past, and potential donors.

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