Does Pay Per Click Really Work | How Much Should You Spend On PPC?

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Hello friends, Do you know what is PPC, does pay per click really work & How Much Should You Spend On PPC?

If you are going to earn money from online marketing or want to grow your business online or if you do blogging then you need to know about PPC. 

Does Pay Per Click Really Work

In today’s time, PPC has a lot of importance in online marketing and digital marketing.

So in today’s article, I will tell you what is PPC, what PPC’s full form is, what you understand by PPC?, what are PPC campaigns?, and what PPC means. 

So if you want to get every single detail about PPC, then read this article carefully.

By the way, if you search about PPC on YouTube and Google, you will get many results. 

Our aim is to share with you as much information as possible about PPC in this article. 

Many types of ads and marketing are run online today. 

But PPC is also an effective paid marketing method.

So let’s start

Does Pay Per Click Really Work First What Is Pay Per Click?

PPC means “Pay Per Click” and PPC helps the advertiser in online marketing. 

Through PPC, advertisers get their website-targeted leads to visit.

Using PPC, online marketers increase their website traffic, and get product sales done from their website, PPC advertiser brings visitors to their landing page. 

By the way, there are many platforms for doing PPC marketing, out of which the biggest platform is Google Ads.

When you run a PPC campaign (pay-per-click process) for your website and landing page on Google Ads. 

So as many visitors will come to your site and landing page by clicking on your link, you have to pay that much money to Google.

People bid on keywords with PPC, and the keyword which pays the most in bids and whose ads are relevant, its PPC ads are shown at the top of Google’s search results. 

In PPC you have to pay-per-click money to Google Ads.

And if you learn to run PPC campaigns, and if your campaign is relevant, then Google charges less for Pay Per Click. 

You have to create the right keywords and the right ads campaign to run a PPC campaign.

What Is PPC Marketing?

PPC means paid search engine marketing, in this, you have to pay for every click. 

PPC Marketing you first have to do Keyword research. 

After that, you have to bid on that keyword, if you pay more for bidding.

So your website is ranked at the top of the search engine. 

Due to this, you get a lot of visitors and you sell them your product or service through PPC marketing. 

There are many platforms for doing PPC marketing such as Google ads, Bing ads, Yahoo, Duck-Duck Go, etc.

In PPC marketing, the quality of your website and landing page also matters a lot. 

If you want to sell headphones through PPC marketing, then you have to bid on relevant keywords like “Best Headphone Under 1000”.

And when someone will type the same keyword on Google, then your website will be shown on top, so that you can generate maximum leads and sales through PPC marketing.

How Does PPC Marketing? 

What is PPC, PPC Full Form, and what is the meaning of PPC? Must have got to know. 

But if you do not know how to do PPC marketing, then you will not be able to use PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing. 

So in today’s article, we will tell you how to do PPC marketing, what is pay per click process, pay click vs cost per click, how to do pay per click in digital marketing –


The most important thing to do in PPC marketing is the right PPC marketing service provider. 

That’s why you should use google. 

Google’s traffic is also very high and Google is the biggest search engine.


You can use Google Ads to do PPC marketing. 

After this, you have to find many keywords related to the keyword or product you want to sell by doing PPC marketing from your website.


You also have to find Long Tail Keywords and Short keywords and also find some negative keywords so that all the targeted traffic comes to your website. 

You can do keyword research with the help of google keyword planner, ahref, and ubersuggest keyword research tool.


Now you have to prepare PPC ads on Google for your keywords and website. 

In which you have to give a headline, description, and website link. 

You can use the Google site link extension in your PPC ads to add links to multiple website pages at once.


After this, the list of keywords that you have prepared for your PPC marketing and campaign, you have to see on Google ads how much your competitors are bidding on those keywords. 

By bidding a little more, you can get your PPC campaign ranked above them on Google search results. 

Google will deduct your money only when clicks come on your PPC campaign.


Your PPC (pay Per Click) campaign will perform better on Google only when your keyword, ad relevancy, website, and landing page quality are good.


You must now select demographic location, age group, device, timing, and gender for your PPC campaign on Google Ads. 

So that your PPC ads are shown to Google only to those people to whom you would like to show your ads. 

And relevant traffic will not come to your PPC campaign.


Now you have to run your PPC ads, and you have to monitor and optimize your PPC campaign so that you can get better results from PPC marketing. 

You can get better results by creating different ad groups in PPC marketing.

How Many Types Of PPC Are There? –

If you want to do PPC marketing or want to know about PPC, then you must know about the types of PPC advertising and PPC marketing.

#1. PPC Search Ads

In PPC Search Ads, you have to use Bing and Google Ads Platforms. 

The people who search your Keyword on PPC search ads. 

He has to be funded and bid on it. 

And then search aids have to be run on Google. 

So that people can come to their PPC campaign by searching keywords.

#2. PPC Display Ads

PPC display ads are shown on the display of your PPC ads users. 

You can sell your product and service through PPC display aids. 

Better results are found on PPC search ads than on PPC display ads.

#3. PPC Video Ads

For PPC video ads, you have to use YouTube ads. 

Because YouTube has 2 billion monthly active users. 

And get better results than PPC video ads, 82% of visitors like to watch videos, so you can promote your product with PPC video ads.

#4. PPC Social Media Ads

You can do PPC social media advertising from Facebook, Instagram, Quora, and LinkedIn platforms. 

PPC social media ads are visible to the user only when they are using their social media platform. 

Facebook and Instagram are the best platforms to run PPC Social Media Ads.

#5.PPC Shopping Ads

You can run PPC shopping ads on Google Adwords

And through PPC Shopping Ads, you can promote your product directly on Google search results, so that your product is sold quickly. 

PPC Shopping Ads are used by most of the big E-Commerce platforms to promote and sell any of their products.

#6. PPC Retargeting Ads

If you have ever run PPC search ads before. 

And many users have come from PPC search ads on your website, who are interested in your product and service but have not bought your product yet, then you can run PPC Retargeting Ads on Google.

What are PPC campaigns?

PPC works completely on Keyword. 

And Advertisers, Content Publishers, and Companies benefit a lot from PPC. 

Because with PPC marketing, they can reach those audiences who are interested in their product and service.

With PPC, you can directly target those users who are searching a lot on the Google search engine for specific content. 

With this, you show the ads of your product through PPC marketing only to those people who want to buy your product.

How Does The PPC Model Work? ,

Let us now know how many types of PPC models are there and how the PPC model works. 

You must read about the PPC model if you want to do PPC Ads or PPC Marketing.

pay-per-click process

There are two types of PPC models, one Flat Rate Model and the other Bid Based PPC Model. 

Let us now know about them one by one:

1.) PPC Flat Rate Model

In the PPC Flat Rate Model, the advertiser directly contacts those content publishers and bloggers whose products related to the service and product of the advertiser have been mentioned on any post and page of the website. 

And in the PPC Flat Rate Model, how much the advertiser will pay Pay Per Click, he can negotiate with the Content Publisher?

2.) PPC Bid Based Model

Advertisers cannot contact Content Publisher in PPC Bid Based Model. Because PPC Bid Based Model is only on Google AdWord. 

And the advertiser has to bid for his PPC ads on Google Adwords and by looking at the bidding capacity of the advertiser and the ads and content quality of the advertiser, Google shows the PPC ads of the advertiser on its search engine.

Benefits Of Pay Per Click

Let us now know about the benefits of Pay Per Click.

  • – PPC i.e. Pay Per Click Marketing helps in getting the advertiser’s business done.
  • – PPC can be easily tracked.
  • – With PPC, you can get your PPC ads to show done by targeting an audience group of a particular interest.
  • – Compared to SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization, PPC gives quicker results.
  • – PPC marketing works better than any other marketing.
  • – With PPC Ads and Marketing, you can quickly sell your product and service by spending some money.

Where Is Pay Per Click Used?

Let us now know where PPC is used. If you want to know about PPC, then you should also know about PPC marketing and where PPC aids are used.

  • – PPC is used to run shopping ads.
  • – If you want to target your old website visitors, then you can use PPC for retargeting.
  • – PPC ads are also used to run video ads.
  • – PPC ads and marketing are also used to run social media or Google display ads.

What Are PPC Platforms?

There are many platforms for doing PPC marketing such as Microsoft Bing Ads, Google Adwords, Quora Ads, and Facebook ads. 

You can run PPC marketing and PPC ads using these platforms.

How Much Should You Spend On PPC?

As long as you’re making money from your campaigns, keep going! If your campaigns are making more money than it costs to run, there’s no need to slow down. 

You can use the tips and calculator above to help you figure out how much you can afford and if buying a home is a good idea.


In this article, we will discuss does pay per click really work.

How Much Should You Spend On PPC?

I hope this deep information really works for you.

And you can definitely use PPC because it is a shortcut of earn money instantly.

But in the right way otherwise, you lose money.

If you like my article please comment and share.

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Where to learn PPC?

You can learn about PPC (Pay Per Click) from YouTube,, and and run PPC marketing and PPC ads.

Does PPC really work?

Yes PPC really works. And Advertiser earns millions by running PPC campaign from Google Ads.

How much does it cost for PPC?

It is a bit difficult to answer how much it costs for PPC because PPC cost depends on your Keyword and Keyword Bidding.

Is 40% a good click-through rate?

Depending on the sector you’re in, a respectable click-through rate should be between 2 and 5 percent.

What is the best pay-per-click?

The best PPC ad network is
The best PPC platform is Infolinks.
The most effective PPC network is Google AdSense.
Advertiser: Pay-Per-Click (PPC) websites.
Revcontent: Top PPC Advertising Platform.
Best PPC Ads Platform: ClickAdilla.
Top PPC Ad Networks: Vibrant Media.
The best PPC ad network is Clickadu.

How much should I pay for Amazon PPC?

Rule of 80/20 and 10%.
Consider allocating 10% of your whole revenue to your Amazon PPC campaign as a general guideline. 

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