Top Implications Of Digital Marketing In The Law Profession In 2023

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In this article, we are discussing the implications of digital marketing in the law profession.

Implications Of Digital Marketing In The Law Profession

If you want your law firm to remain competitive in today’s digitally connected world, you need a strong online presence.

According to a recent study, one-third of all potential clients have started their search for a lawyer online.

As a result, businesses lose 33% of their potential customers immediately if they don’t have a solid online marketing plan in place.

How can a digital marketing plan differentiate your law firm and attract clients?

And how can you be sure that money spent on law firm marketing is producing a positive return?

We’ve put together this manual on marketing strategy to get you started.

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Why Digital Marketing is Crucial for Law Firms

Traditionally, law firms advertise their services.

With digital marketing, it is easy to reach your potential customers through wide segmentation.

Businesses can generate good revenue by investing the right amount in advertising.

Businesses can expect a higher return on investment when costs are lower.

Implications Of Digital Marketing In The Law Profession

Strategies for Digital Marketing in the Law Profession are as follows:

Reaching Your Target Audience

You can use digital marketing to target your audience, which is one of its many great advantages.

In other words, it is significantly more effective than traditional advertising at reaching users interested in your ads and content.

Additionally, these high-quality leads are more likely to become customers.

For example, you should claim to be an authority in your area of expertise on your website.

Consider focusing on users interested in discrimination or labor laws rather than targeting the legal market broadly.

Thankfully, there are many digital marketing avenues you can use to market your law firm, including paid advertising, social media, and search engine optimization.

Build Your Credibility

As an attorney or law firm, your client’s trust is one of your most valuable assets.

Building credibility involves creating and disseminating content that reassures your clients that they can trust your legal knowledge and abilities.

For example, you should have a page with customer testimonials that highlights complimentary comments and recent business successes.

In fact, customer reviews are among the first things visitors look for on a website.

Case studies that demonstrate how your company has the expertise and experience to claim on your website can also include customer testimonials.

Increase Awareness

As a lawyer, one of the best things you can do for your clients is to make sure they are aware of their rights, especially as it pertains to your area of expertise.

These days, it has become very easy due to online tools.

For example, you can create how-to videos to help potential clients resolve simple legal issues.

If you help people in the early stages of a legal matter, you are more likely to hire people for more complex professional assistance.

Including a blog on your website is another way to educate your audience and gain their trust.

Despite the fact that many law firms have not started blogging yet, it is a very efficient way to increase your authority.

Professionals in the legal field may blog about recent legal developments to inform clients, colleagues, and the general public.

By disseminating useful legal information, you can increase website traffic for the firm.

Social media platforms can help in spreading knowledge and awareness.

Social media has been a valuable tool for many attorneys in terms of not only obtaining clients but also retaining those clients.

And platforms like LinkedIn are also helpful in Networking and Career Development.

In short, digital marketing will make your legal services more widely known.

By providing educational content, useful blogs and videos, an active social media presence, and a solid SEO strategy, you can build a clientele that is known for legal information and advice.

The right digital marketing strategy can help you promote your services through a website to improve your law firm’s reputation as a trusted authority in your areas of practice.

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Content management

Some of the top 100 law firms have made significant technology investments to manage their digital assets, with many opting to use off-the-shelf enterprise content management systems.

Of the websites we examined using the Builtwith Technology Lookup service, 53 percent were either custom-built websites or were using a CMS that Builtwith was unable to detect.

The Sitecore experience management platform was used to build 16% of websites.

These firms include Baker & McKenzie, Morgan Lewis, Hogan Lovells, and Ropes.

The legal industry has taken note of Sitecore’s popularity and its proficiency with language translation.

The system not only provides content management but digital asset management, personalization, A/B, multivariate testing, lead scoring and nurturing, analytics, and automation, and Sitecore has been recognized by Gartner as a leader in web content management. However, the system comes at a high cost. comes.

A website and interactive solutions have been launched for over 40% of the NLJ 250’s using Hubbard One, the second most popular CMS. Hubbard One was once managed by Thomson Reuters but is now under the management of the US marketing agency One North.

Nearly 7% of the top 100 law firms, including Reed Smith, Dechert, and ProSquare, were using One North technology to power their websites.

The other 7% of top firms’ content is managed by Drupal, a free open-source CMS platform based on PHP that was also a popular choice.

Although Drupal is renowned for its reliable performance, security, and flexibility, it lacks some of the cutting-edge features found in platforms like Sitecore.

Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher, and Flom, White.

Of the remaining websites, 3% were built using Actron, including Freshfields and WilmerHale, and 3% were built using Microsoft SharePoint, including Ellen.

Other content management systems used in the remaining sites include Adobe Experience Manager (Clifford Chance), HP Teamsite (Eversheds), and Umbraco (Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton).

The fact that none of the top 100 law firms were using WordPress is surprising, despite the fact that it is currently the most widely used content management system in the world and a free platform.

This may result from the value that top law firms place on security as well as the perception that WordPress may be less secure and more vulnerable to hacking than other free content management systems.

Sixty-two percent of the top 100 law firms have blogs on their websites, in addition to spending money on CMS platforms and digital asset management software.

This seems to be supporting the importance of content marketing as a digital strategy that law firms are using more frequently to inform and educate clients.

Search engine optimization or SEO

This is just one element of digital marketing that can increase the awareness of your legal services or law firm among the public.

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For example, Juris Digital supports lawyers with SEO to increase their online visibility.

Social Media

Use social media to connect with customers and showcase your business’s existence.

Anyone considering your services will receive more trust signals from a social media channel that is active and has a high level of engagement.

An open line of communication with customers via social media can sometimes help mitigate the negative effects of a disgruntled customer (this will happen from time to time) as well as provide additional signals of authority and trust.

Evaluation of social media performance. Establish some KPIs and objectives that will help drive your larger digital marketing strategy and business objectives.

This may be in relation to the size of the social community, how quickly messages from external sources are responded to, the degree of engagement, or a combination of several other performance indicators.

Don’t forget that you can use social media to build relationships, research digital PR, and find content opportunities.

A strong social media presence can also help you with recruiting, which is becoming more difficult and competitive.

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Marketing automation

The term “marketing automation” refers to computer programs that carry out repetitive tasks such as sending emails, posting on social media, and sending tailored communications and content to specific users or user groups.

These activities are remarkably simple thanks to marketing automation technology.

The past two years have seen a significant increase in the use of marketing automation software among businesses.

Marketing automation is built-in into many enterprise content management systems, including Sitecore and Adobe Experience Manager. However, there are also many software companies that specialize in marketing automation, and some top law firms currently have these services installed on their websites. ,

Using HubSpot’s technology, Auric, Pillsbury and BLP are industry leaders in marketing automation.

To engage with website visitors, WSGR selected Marketo, a leading provider of automation solutions, and Paul Hastings implemented Eloqua, Oracle’s marketing automation solution.

Unlike companies in other industries such as software developers or marketing consultancies, the benefits of marketing automation are not being fully utilized by law firms.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the near future, though, as some companies are moving forward.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is used by service industries such as law firms because it is a professional way to communicate with clients.

Email marketing involves sending follow-up emails to already subscribed website visitors and sending relevant emails to make sales pitches.

Email marketing is a great tool for law firms and attorneys to provide free legal advice and ultimately persuade people to use their legal services.


PPC (Pay Per Click) is a form of online advertising where you pay a search engine to place your ads in a prominent position on search result pages and then charge a fee every time one of these ads is clicked. Pay. Are.

These days small general practice businesses spend a lot of money on PPC activities.

We were able to identify 14 of the top law firms that were actively promoting their services through Google AdWords.

Most of these were regional campaigns targeting legal services in a particular city or town.

A global company was reportedly spending $8–$9 on ads for local key phrases such as “law firm Toronto” and “Toronto law firm”, among others.

Another company specifically targeted Washington lobbyists, with phrases such as “Washington Lobbying Firm” and “Business Lobbyists”.

One company was also using PPC advertising to find new employees.

However, compared to other sectors such as finance and insurance, the use of paid search to target search engine users is less widespread in the legal services industry.

Social Bookmarking Websites

Social bookmarking sites can drive substantial traffic to your law firm’s website, increasing its online visibility.

Internet users use social bookmarking websites to share articles, web pages, images, videos, and blog posts.

These websites can help increase brand awareness if you submit your web content to them.

Link Building Techniques

Online searchers benefit when they can share content and receive links from high-authority websites (also referred to as high-ranking and well-known websites).

Expect high levels of traffic when your website visitors are positively influenced by the valuable content you provide.

Video Marketing

You can promote your legal knowledge through video marketing. A digital marketing agency can assist you in many ways, such as:

Creating videos addressing frequently asked legal questions.

Sharing knowledge about legal issues, and.

Solid discussion, and legal examples relevant to your audience.


Businesses should ensure that web analytics packages are installed on their websites to track activity and evaluate the effectiveness of digital marketing strategies.

Of the top 100 law firms, 85 percent have chosen to track their website visitors using Google Analytics.

The fact that Google Analytics is free and offers a range of features and tailor-made options for tracking users across websites and mobile apps makes it a wise choice for most businesses.

However, unlike other analytics providers, the Google Analytics Terms of Service prohibit the collection of data in a way that enables reporting on individual users.

Alternative software programs such as Webtrends, Omniture, or Piwik are being used by some businesses; In some cases, they are also used in conjunction with Google Analytics.

While Brian Cave and Shepard Mullin chose to use both, Akin Gump is using Piwik in place of Google Analytics.

Unlike Kilpatrick Townsend, which chose to use Omniture SiteCatalyst, an analytics tool owned by Adobe, Allen & Overy, Linklaters, Herbert Smith Freehills, and Auric have chosen to use both Google Analytics and WebTrends. is a container.

In addition to traditional web analytics, 8% of the top 100 law firms use CrazyEgg, a set of analytics tools that includes heat maps and scroll maps and enables companies to see where customers are moving. Click on the website and scroll down to see it in action.

Adding a second layer of analysis makes it possible to identify and fix problems with the user experience on specific pages.

Skadden, Simpson Thatcher, Quinn Emanuel, and CrazyEgg, among five other websites.

Customer service

Because they interact most often with both current and potential customers on behalf of your brand, your customer-facing employees are an important component of your marketing initiatives.

You can usually hear someone smile when you’re talking on the phone; Try it and you will hear the difference.

Make sure everyone who interacts with customers on the phone has received the necessary training, and make sure the team that responds to new inquiries receives specialized sales training.

Establish very specific internal SLAs for handling online customer feedback, such as that received through social media or independent review sites.

Honestly raise your hand if something isn’t right; This lets other customers know about your willingness to fix things and is highly appreciated.

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Challenges of Digital Marketing in the Law Profession

Data privacy

Many online businesses collect data on their users’ browsing patterns, interests, and other personal characteristics in order to provide their services.

Tracking cookies and other tracking technologies integrated into websites or apps are often used to collect this information.

Marketers are becoming increasingly concerned about data privacy. Consumers are more likely to take protective measures as they become more conscious of the importance of their personal information.

Data privacy laws protect people from businesses that collect and use their personal data without their permission.

Additionally, it is important because it gives users control over how their data is used and gives them the option to view, update, or remove that data as needed.

Intellectual property rights

The rights conferred on the author of a work protected by copyright, patent, or trademark law are known as intellectual property rights.

It is the creator who decides what will happen to the universe. Your company is involved in intellectual property.

You are putting time, effort, and money into making it.

The type of intellectual property at issue, the nature of your company, and what steps you’ve taken to protect yourself all play a part in the answer to the question of what happens if someone else tries to copy it.

The legal right to an intangible asset is known as an intellectual property right or IP right.


One of the most important components of any company is its advertising. This includes how you promote your goods and services, such as developing websites with effective landing pages for marketing your goods and services online.

Knowing when and where to advertise your goods or services is an important legal consideration for online marketers. Especially, this is true if you are managing paid search campaigns.

When you advertise online, there are rules and regulations specific to your industry that must be followed, according to digital marketing expert Helena Zimmer.

Laws governing truth-in-advertising are enforced by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which also mandates that businesses disclose any material connection they may have to the goods and services they recommend.

Paid endorsements by social media influencers are also subject to FTC regulation.

If you are an online marketer, you must be aware of these guidelines so that you don’t violate them and get penalized.

The privacy of children under the age of 13 is protected by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), which is enforced by the FTC.

Websites must comply with requirements by law to post transparent privacy policies and refrain from collecting personally identifiable information from children without parental permission.

Ethical Considerations for Digital Marketing in the Law Profession

There are many unethical practices when it comes to digital marketing, especially on social media.

The impact of customer complaints and requests for improvement threatens to affect every business that uses digital marketing, even if the lack of ethics in digital marketing only exists in a few companies.

Following are some of the unethical practices which the customers oppose.

Consumers are concerned about privacy and believe that brands are infringing on their rights when they sell or lend personally identifiable information as part of regular online activities.

Online reviews that are inaccurate or worse, untrue, are posted to influence customers to buy.

Customers expect brands to stop uploading fake reviews created by staff members and friends and work hard to remove those reviews before they are published.

Incorrect or misleading product description.

We’ve all had the experience of buying a product only to find on delivery that it differs from the description online.

While consumers accept heavily Photoshopped images in traditional media (I once saw an artist at a major advertising agency edit an image to make a model look more attractive while promoting a product), We expect posts on social media to be an accurate representation of reality.

We’ll take a filter and some nice lighting, but we don’t want to heavily alter our models or depict anything other than how they actually work for product animations.

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In this article, we are talking about the implications of digital marketing in the law profession.

Law firms have undoubtedly made significant investments in technology lately, including CMS, analytics software, and marketing automation platforms.

It is commendable that these businesses are striving to stay on top of the latest developments in digital marketing, but relying solely on technology to achieve success is risky.

Additionally, some initial mistakes, especially in on-page SEO, can hurt their online performance.

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If you want to use digital marketing to expand your company, let’s examine its effects: Use SEO to meet customers you might never have met. Identify the channels your business uses to generate sales. Improve your ability to connect with both current and potential customers by effectively communicating your message.

Why do lawyers need digital marketing?

Traditionally, law firms advertise their services. Through wide segmentation, digital marketing makes it easy to reach your potential customers. Spending the right amount on advertising can help businesses earn good profits.

Why is marketing important for lawyers?

To establish a successful legal practice, lawyers must first identify their clients. Is a case with a significant lien or damages, a real estate closing that generates additional revenue to write off the title, or even a high-income divorce case, the ideal client?

What are the main implications of marketing?

The primary outcome of a marketing strategy is to focus on meeting customer needs, which increases customer satisfaction.

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